Election 2020

As a Christian, I owe it to God not to rig the elections – Jean Mensa

The chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Jean Mensa has promised to discharge her duties as chairperson of the commission deligently without any biases.

According to her, she is a christian and she is guided by the values of Christianity which propels her to discharge all their duties in fairness.

“I also have a duty to God and to our country to be an agent of peace. As the head of the Electoral Commission, the signals I send out, be it to our staff, or the public is important as it would have an impact on the election and our nation,” Mrs. Mensa said.

She added: “As a christian, I am a firm believer in the principles that Christ stands for, Justice, Peace and Truth, I am committed to ensuring that these principles are reflected in everything that both I and the commission do, I am committed to being fair to conducting my activities without fear or favour.

“I commit to work and undertake my duties to ensure that it is the will of the people which is the will of God that stands, as an agent of peace I commit to truth and not to alter the will of God. The onus is on me to abide by this principle and God being my guide and helper I am confident that I will not let him and the people of Ghana down in Jesus’ name.”

The EC boss has come under attack from the main opposition, describing her output at the electoral management body as “incompetent.”

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